DOSFOLAT® XS: Action and Mechanism of (Tetrahydro-) Folic Acid

Microorganisms synthesize from DOSFOLAT® XS as a stable form of natural folic acid tetrahydrofolic acid. It is by far the most important of all microbial coenzymes. Many cellular processes are dependent upon it (see diagram). Protection of microbial health can explain in part the effect of DOSFOLAT® XS in biological wastewater treatment.
Tetrahydrofolic acid is more than simply a coenzyme. It is truly a small chemical factory. Thus methyl residues, formaldehyde (in the form of methylene), formic acid (in the form of methenyl) and iminoformic acid (iminoformyl groups) with the help of this coenzyme can be cut off from present molecules to be broken down and can be transferred to increasing nuclei of molecules to be synthesized. Additionally these 4 molecular building blocks can be transformed into one another, if bound to the tetrahydrofolic acid (see 2nd graph). Therefore it, directly or indirectly, is also involved in the pollutant degradation.DOSFOLAT® XS acts against the chemical stress upon microbial metabolism

Figure 2 : Importance of Tetrahydrofolic acid to Microorganisms