DOSFOLAT® XS contains chemically stable derivatives of the folic acid.Natural folic acid appears in biocenosis systems in form of traces only. To bacterias and higher organisms alike however folic acid is an essential metabolite. But only a few bacteria strains can synthetize it themselves. To many of them and to all of the higher organisms it is an indispensable vitamin. Therefore composition of biocenosis systems usually is orientated by the natural deficiency of folic acid.
Abolition of this limitation however by adding DOSFOLAT® XS enables biocenosis to adapt its composition completely to nutrient content, in other words to pollutant concentration in your wastewaters. Higher efficiencies of your aeration basins and increased shares of aerobic oxidation in pollutant degradation usually are achieved.

STW biocenosis before application of DOSFOLAT®XS

Photos 2 :Improvement of biocenosis through application of DOSFOLAT®XS (South American STW)

STW biocenosis after application of DOSFOLAT®XS