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DOSFOLAT® XS, fast acting variant of the stabilised folic acid micronutrient DOSFOLAT®, accelerates biological treatment of municipal, industrial and mixed wastewater streams. Especially appropriate for use in applications with fat, oil and grease and where improved process nitrification is desired, DOSFOLAT® XS continues to provide the beneficial effects that are associated with folic acid treatment. These effects include control of filamentous bulking, pin floc, dispersed growth and foam problems associated with activated sludge separation; return to normal settling with stable, low SVI and low sludge blankets; reduced sludge production through more complete digestion and improved sludge characteristics; and fast start up and improved stability in response to flow, load, temperature and toxic shocks. Increased plant efficiency, resilience and stability is achieved naturally by the stimulating effect of folic acid on biomass growth and metabolism.

Folic acid, a B complex vitamin, is essential for the growth and metabolism of all cells. Its action increases the variety, number and activity of microorganisms in secondary wastewater treatment.

Results with DOSFOLAT® XS:

  • Accelerated treatment/faster additive response.

  • Effective secondary treatment of fat, oil and grease

  • Filament and SVI control

  • Enhanced nitrification

  • Reduced waste sludge/improved sludge characteristics

    (Text by courtesy of Bioprime Ltd)
Figure 1: Biological Importance of DOSFOLAT®XS.
Figure 2: Importance of Tetrahydrofolic acid to Microorganisms.
Figure 3: Biological reactions induced by DOSFOLAT®XS.
Figure 4: Mineral oil refinery STW performance response with DOSFOLAT®.
Figure 5: How DOSFOLAT® saves money by keeping the effluent waste-water data at a low level .
Figure 6: With DOSFOLAT®XS less sludge that has to go to the land-fill: STW plant A observation period 1997-2003
Figure 7: With DOSFOLAT®XS less sludge that has to go to the land-fill: STW plant B observation period 1999-2003
Figure 8: With DOSFOLAT®XS less sludge that has to go to the land-fill: STW plant C observation period 2001-2003
Photos 1: Improvement of biocenosis through application of DOSFOLAT®XS (North American STW).
Photos 2: Improvement of biocenosis through application of DOSFOLAT®XS (South American STW).
Photos 3: Rapid Improvement of industrial plant STW biocenosis through application of DOSFOLAT®XS .

Plant trials can now generate results in 28 days because DOSFLAT® XS acts fast. The new test regimen requires 14 days treatment at 0.7 ppm and 14 days at 0.35 ppm. Traditional test treatment based on sludge age and influent strength, and running 60 - 90 days, may still be recommended where high influent loading or other factors dictate. Please see the DOSFOLAT® Handbook for a full treatment of application instructions.

  • The question of which plant trial is appropriate for your application should be discussed with your Regional Representative (please goto the SALES&SUPPORT section)or contact the home office at (800) 366-9141 or via email .

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Local availability subject to confirmation.Please contact your local agent via SALES&SUPPORT Section on this website.

Before and during use, observe all safety labels on packaging and containers,consult the Material Safety Data Sheets on this website and follow all local or national safety regulations.Avoid contact with skin and eyes, and do not swallow. To avoid anyconfusion that may arise through translation into other languages, the English version of the Material Safety Data Sheet instructions will be the governing literature and must be referred to in case of deviations with product literature in other languages..

DOSFOLAT ® XS shall be ideally stored in a cool, dry location in unopened containers at a temperature between 8°C to 28°C(46°F to 82°F) unless otherwise labeled.Storage conditions are to keep the containers in a dry,cool, well ventilated space and away from source of heat and ignition.The product must be stored in accordance with national regulations. Containers must be tightly closed.

SHELF LIFE: 2 years, inside storage at 46-82degF (8-28degC) For further specific shelf life information, contact your local Technical Service Center.

The data contained herein may be reported as a typical value and/or range. Values are based on actual test data and are verified on a periodic basis.